Data Recovery

Recovery From Failing Devices

We often want our data to last forever, but the devices on which that data exists will fail at some point. The data may be photographs, documents, video, music or any number of other types of file. Our first question to you at this point would be, is the data stored elsewhere? If the answer is no, then recovery is still an option.

Causes of failure include impacts, natural wear-and-tear and faulty components.

When trying to access your data, you may hear odd noises, may be getting messages such as:

  • Drive cannot be accessed
  • Please format disk before use
  • Cannot access C: drive
  • The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

Or the device may not seem to be responding at all.

In some cases, the device is working correctly, but folders and files have been deleted or cannot be found. In any case, we can help.

Recoverable Devices

We can recover data from:

  • Internal and external hard drives (from both PCs and macs)
  • USB flash drives
  • SD cards
  • SSDs
  • m.2 SSDs

What to do

Simply bring the failing device into the shop and we will be able to see if recovery is possible.


Our data recovery prices begin at £45. See our price list for the cost of our other services.


To reduce the chances of requiring data recovery in the future, we always recommend that it is backed up in at least one other location. We are happy to discuss and set up backup solutions that suit your needs.