Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 07/02/2024

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General (applies to all repairs)
• By using any of our services, you have read & accepted our terms & conditions and privacy policy. These are displayed on our website https://www.goto-it.co.uk/full-terms-conditions , https://www.goto-it.co.uk/privacy/.
• Support & Repairs are available during normal working hours displayed on our website at https://www.goto-it.co.uk/contact/ . We can support outside these hours; a surcharge will be added.
• These terms and conditions will start on the date of drop-off and will continue until the device has been repaired.
• Customers must ensure their device is backed up before drop-off. If the device is not functioning before drop-off, the client understands there is a risk of data being lost. We are not responsible for any data loss.
• The repair doesn’t cover any components other than the items chosen in the booking process. If you are concerned about other parts, please add this to the booking notes or call us.
• To test the replacement of parts & hardware tests, we require a method to get past the lock screen (PIN or Password). If you are unable to provide this information, we cannot fully guarantee quality of work.
• We reserve the right to decline work on any device if there are signs of liquid damage or additional hardware faults that prevent the fitting or functionality of parts replaced. If you do not state any other issues with the device, we are not liable for these additional part costs.
• We reserve the right to decline work on any device due to the age of the system.
• Damaged devices may have underlying faults that are not initially apparent. Disassembling the device may reveal additional damage. We are not liable for additional work if this happens.
• We do not accept any damage through our warranty if it has been repaired, or repairs were attempted elsewhere.
• We will make efforts to repair all devices, however parts availability might make this not possible.
• An initial estimate of cost will be given to you on drop-off, if adjusted for any reason we will call you to approve additional costs.
• We will notify you by email or phone when your device is ready for collection. If the device has not been picked up within 30 days, a holding fee will be charged. After 90 days, we are entitled to keep your device, to recycle or reuse for parts or as a whole to cover costs of your repair service.
• Use of our repair service may void any manufacturer or 3rd party warranties you may have on your device. If you would like to avoid this, then please take your device to an authorised repair centre.
• Where parts are required to be ordered for your repair, a deposit for the parts will be required. If you do not return after 30 days, we will charge a re-stocking fee. A deposit is only applicable if you are retaining your device whilst we get the part in stock. If these are non-returnable parts we may still charge for these even if a fix is not possible.
• Only one promotion can be applied at any time of your repair, this includes student, NHS and time-limited promotions. All promotions that you wish to apply must be stated to the staff member on drop-off. Promotions on collections will not be applied.
• On drop-off, we will ask you for relevant contact details. Your data is kept with us, no data is passed to third parties. We use this data for contacting you for device updates, collections & after sale service (warranties). If you would like to read more about this please go to https://www.goto-it.co.uk/privacy.
• Your device must have an operating system with life-cycle support (Windows, OSX, ios, Android). If any software repairs are needed we may not be able to repair your device, we have the right to decline the service.
• Hardware sold by us is covered by the expected guarantee which can be found in the manufacturers terms and conditions. This only covers hardware and we are not responsible for the effects of automatic or manually applied software updates from Microsoft or any other supplier which impacts the performance of the hardware. We are under no obligation to fix or attempt to fix these software errors free of charge.
• If the cost of a fix is beyond economic repair, we reserve the right to cancel the service request.
• Unless otherwise stated on new hardware is 1 years warranty, excluding these below. Any physical damage occurring after repair is not covered. With refurbished parts, warranty is specified on quote.

LabourBatteryLaptop ScreenRefurbished Device
1 Month3 Months3 Months1 year (excluding battery @ 6M)

Free diagnosis terms
• Diagnosis is free where there is there is an expectation that we will carry out the work to fix the issue for a reasonable price. If we diagnose the issue but the customer decides to carry out the work themselves, then we may charge for this time. This is also true if you need a report for an insurance claim. This is often true if the item is a gaming machine or complex device, where the diagnosis might take over half an hour.

Refurbished Laptops & Desktops
• Device conditions vary from grade A-D. Device sold will have a limited warranty of 1 year, excludes battery of 6 months. Battery warranty can be extended for £50. Limited stock available and manufacturers may vary. Standard T&C’s apply, price excludes data copy. Microsoft office licence not included. Student discount can only be applied with a valid student ID or NUS card.

Phone/Tablet repairs (unless otherwise stated)
• We do not unlock cloud locked devices, unless through methods approved by the manufacturer. We can help with legitimately unlocking your device, but this may incur an additional charge.
• Non-invasive diagnostics are free. If disassembly of the device is required, this will incur a fee. To complete a full diagnostic, we may have to disassemble your device. An additional charge may be charged for this, we will notify if this is the case.
• Mobile device repair warranty coverage is displayed on the table below:

ManufacturersScreenMobo PartsBatteryother parts not listed
Apple (iPhone)
Apple (iPad)
6 Months6 Months6 Months3 Months
Samsung (Genuine Parts)6 Months6 Months6 Months3 Months
Samsung (Aftermarket)3 Months3 Months3 Months3 Months
Other Brand (Genuine Parts)6 Months6 Months6 Months3 Months
Other Brand (Aftermarket)3 Months3 Months3 Months3 Months

High value devices & non-iPhone apple repairs
This section applies if one or more is valid:
• Value of the device exceeds £500
• Your device is a MacBook (Pro, Air, MacBook), Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Studio, Mac Pro, Mac
• All pre-built gaming laptops
• Dell XPS products
• A rare or unusual collectable device
• During the repair if damage occurs because of known hardware faults or parts vulnerable to disassembly, we are not responsible for the additional damage or additional costs.

On-Site Visits
• We require that at least one person (over 18 years of age) be present during the on-site visits.
• If we are supporting someone under the under the age of 18 years old. An adult (over 18 years of age) must be in the same room.
• A person with login details to the administrator account for the device we are working on.
• To have ready any relevant software licences needed for installation.
• Card payments will be completed on the phone. If you are unsure about who our staff member is calling please call our shop number yourself for payment. Cheques and cash are also an accepted payment method.

Remote Support Service (Website Version)
• Our remote access software doesn’t install anything on your computer, it’s a one-time run application.
• You cannot reuse the same downloaded application file. You need to get a new code from us to use our service again.
• Once payment of work has been approved, we will disconnect from your computer. If you believe that we are still connected please get back in touch with us.

Data Copy & Data Recovery Service

• Whilst we attempt to recover your data, this may not be possible depending on the nature of the failure. We may only be able to achieve a partial recovery, but this may still be chargeable.
• After data recovery, an additional drive will be required to transfer the data onto.
• In most cases we do a direct transfer from your old drive to your new drive. In cases where the old drive is failing too much to wait, we may back it up to our secure storage device. This device is encrypted with a password, we will keep this for 30 days then secure erase the drive.

Company liability
• After using our repair service, we cannot guarantee OEM waterproofing or resistance.
• If your device is damaged by goto-iT (unless in section 3), you are entitled to a fully working refurbished device of equal value to the device you had a repair on. This value is based on the used market value rather than your original purchase price. To receive a replacement device, you still will be charged the agreed amount of the repair of your original device. Your original device will be kept for recycling or for parts. Sourcing your replacement device may take some time, our staff will let you know an estimated SLA.
• In the unlikely event that your device is lost or stolen whilst in our possession, we will notify you as soon as possible and replace your device with a device that has the same used market value. If we can’t replace your device/model with the same we will offer one of similar specification.

Hardware Destruction/Recycling
In some cases, we recycle your hardware (excluding storage devices). We will do one of the following:

• Refurbish some parts of the device for resale
• Refurbish the entirety of hardware for resale
• Economically recycle hardware

By agreeing for us to recycle your hardware, you are aware that we may refurbish your hardware for resale. Hardware cannot be reclaimed once one of the above processes has begun.

• Any personally identifying information will be removed from the hardware prior to the above steps.
• For storage devices we do one or more of the following:
• Wipe the storage device 3 times
• Shred/destroy the entirety of storage component

Business Services (outside contracted work)
• All sections above apply.
• Where paying by invoice, the client must pay the full amount within one calendar month.
• We are not liable for loss of profit, loss or corruption of data, loss of use, loss of production, loss of contract, loss of opportunity, loss by hacking or ransomware by a third party, harm to reputation or loss of goodwill.
• Work will be caried out remotely where possible.