Privacy statement

Data and its protection is our number one priority. Whether it is prevention of data loss, data recovery or privacy, these principles guide our attitude to your data. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) concerns how companies treat your data. This includes what is kept, how it is processed, how it is stored and how long it is stored.

Protection of your data
If you leave your computer with us in the shop, we take contact details so we can let you know when your job is complete. This usually contains your name, address, email address, telephone number and make of your PC. It might also contain information about work carried out on the job. This data is stored in physical form and also electronically. This information will be kept for up to 6 years so we can refer back should you need further work carried out on the PC. We will never use this information for promotional purposes unless you opt in to receive information from us. This information (physical and electronic) will be destroyed after 2 years as we feel this is a reasonable time to refer back to a job after completed.

Some data is stored in the cloud such as our accounting software, but all 3rd party programs we use are GDPR compliant. Our company also resells online products to our customers such as Office 365 or Acronis, but again all are GDPR compliant. No data is shared with these companies unless essential in the setting up of the account for your use.

Names and phone numbers that are taken over the phone are only kept if required for an onsite visit or for recurring work. If they are not needed they are shredded or deleted.

Data from customer computers
When we hold your computer or equipment in the shop we treat it with respect. It is labelled to avoid any confusion with other equipment. It is also stored in a locked alarmed environment.

If any of your computer data is retained in the shop, either to protect the data or to enable us to copy to a new system, this data is encrypted if possible, and if not, it is stored on a physically secure device. It is not accessed or viewed by us, unless given express consent from the owner of the data. It never leaves the office (unless agreed in advance) and is deleted after the job is complete (usually within a month or earlier if you request).


We have only ever mailed out promotional information where you have opted in to receive this information. We now prefer to keep you up to date on our website, goto iT facebook page and goto iT twitter page.

Customer rights
You have the right to contact us and ask about what data we keep about you and its accuracy. You also have the right to request deletion of this data.

If you would like to know more about this please contact us on 0117 969 8767