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We sell both new and refurbished desktops and laptops.

TypeCPURAMStorageWindows VersionBrandPrice from (inc VAT + Setup)Price from (inc VAT, Setup & Data Copy)Stock Availability
Laptopintel 8th Gen or newer8GB+ DDR4256GB+ SSDWindows 11Dell / HP / Lenovo300340Purchase Order
Desktop PC SFFintel 8th Gen or newer8GB+ DDR4256GB+ SSDWindows 11Dell / HP / Lenovo300340Purchase Order

Looking for a cheap & reliable computer? Looking to reduce your environmental impact? We have the computer for you.

As part of our refurbishment process we cover a 10 point inspection to ensure you receive a quality product.

The computer also comes with the following:

  • Freshly installed Windows 10/11
  • New Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • 8GB of system memory (RAM) – unless otherwise stated
  • Basic setup of user profile emails, office application, PDF reader (data copy excluded)
  • 12 months limited hardware warranty (1 year for new computer, 1 month software warranty)


Stock may be limited, please call beforehand to make sure we have units available. Most desktops do not have inbuilt wireless capabilities, if this is requested there will be an additional charge for parts. The 12 months limited warranty covers both parts (excluding batteries at 6 months) and labour but does not cover hardware or software damage caused by the customer.

Shelf Stock

Product Name
Braided USB Cables (Micro B/USB C/Lightning)
External Hard Drives (1TB/2TB)
USB Sticks (64GB/128GB)
Micro SD Cards (64GB/128GB)
External DVD Drives
Laptop Power Adapters (Dell/HP/Lenovo/Generic/USB C/APPLE)
USB C to USB Adapters
Keyboard & Mouses (combo sets/ wireless and wired)
PC Cables (Power Cable/Network Cable/Printer Cable/DP/HDMI/VGA)
WIFI Parts (USB WIFI/PC Internal Card/Powerline/ Network Switch/Access Points/Routers)
PC Parts (Thermal Paste, SSD, PC FAN, Heatsink Fan, PC Speakers)